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  We are a small family business that started this type of activity less than a decade ago.

Our main business is manufacturing and selling air fresheners. We are aware that fresh air is crucial for a comfortable space.


  Our AbiFresh products have a wide range of usage, since they are suitable for hotels, restaurants, showrooms, shops, cars, as well as other residential areas. They are proven to be extremely effective when used in sanitary facilities, for which we provide a unique and very inexpensive solution.


  Considering that every person has a different appreciation for scents, we have prepared some basic products for you; from subtle GOLD, the natural HERBAL or ORANGE with cinnamon, the scent of the Far East ORIENT, to the scents of VANILIJA and ANTI TOBAK. All of our products come with PVC spray, which is used to disperse the scent on the walls, carpets, upholstered furniture or toilets. 

  To our palette of selected fragrances, we added also TROPIC and  BERRY, with an extremely strong, fruity scent. Their significance is that they contain 60% alcohol. That leads to their dual function; cleansing as disinfection and pleasant and above all long-lasting fruity scent.


  Due to the trust and growing interest of our customers, we have started to produce cleaning agents such as ABISEPT (75% alcohol cleanser), ABISTONE (concentrated scale cleaner), ABICLEAN (concentrate degreaser) and ABI-BIO CUBES (cubes for cleaning drain pipes in toilets).


  The brand AbiFresh has been marketed in Slovenia and Croatia.

We run an open business, which allows us to produce the scent of your choice or for your own marketing purposes.




Air fresheners for:
  • Hotels

  • Locals, Restaurants

  • Sanitary facilities

  • Households

  • Upholstered furniture, cars

  • Public institutions (schools, municipalities, kindergartens, sport rooms, retirement homes)

  • Elderly home

  • Veterinary stations

  • Medical offices

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